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SFSU  Cryogenic  Electronics  Group


Equipment Donors

We are indebted to the following corporations and organizations for their donations of both new and surplus equipment:

Hewlett-Packard  Hughes Research Laboratories
IBM  Veriflo
Xinix/Luxtron  MDC
Gasonics/IPC  DuPont
Fluoroware  Tencor
VLSI Standards  Silicon Systems
Surface Science  Crystal Technology
Varian Associates  Quintel
National Semiconductor  CTI
ETEC Systems  Maxim Integrated Products
Granville-Phillips  Terranova
U.S. Inc.  WAFAB
Raychem  Lucas Labs
Transfer Engineering  Tektronix 
IICO  Quantrad
Wesco  MKS
Matheson  VAT
Kurt Lesker  Ferrofluidics
Branson - IPC  Alcatel
Austin Scientific  Schafer Corporation

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of The Annunciation, San Francisco
Stanford University - Center for Integrated Systems
U.C. Berkeley - Microfabrication Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Las Positas Vacuum Technology Program
University of the Pacific School of Dentistry

Financial Supporters

Research Corporation
National Science Foundation
NSF Center for Particle Astrophysics, U.C. Berkeley
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
American Vacuum Society
S.F.S.U. (including California Lottery)
Prof. Barbara Neuhauser
Dr. Michael Taber
Mrs. Mary Wilson
Dr. Edward Wilson
Prof. Fred Lipschultz
Dr. Daniel Chow
National Instruments
UBM Tech, San Francisco

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Updated 29 Apr. 2014