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M. S. Thesis Abstracts

(Underlined names link to thesis abstracts.  Names with an asterisk have a link, at the bottom of the thesis abstract page, to an online version of the thesis.)

Steven M. Beck

Preliminary Study of the Effect of Lithium Diffusion on the Performance of Single and Multicrystalline  p+  n  n+  Silicon Solar Cells

Daniel Tun Lai Chow

Characterization of Photolithographically Microfabricated SIN Tunnel Junctions for X-Ray and Phonon Spectroscopy

Mark Forrest Cunningham

Full Wafer Process for Microfabrication of Superconducting Tunnel Junctions as Phonon Detectors

Douglas David Hake

Design and Operation of a Sputtering System for Superconducting Particle Detector Microfabrication

Efraín López

Search for Charged-Particle  d - d  Fusion Products in an Encapsulated Pd Thin Film

Windsor Ellis Owens

An e-Beam/RAH System for Inducing Localized Structural Phase Transitions in Tungsten Films

Juan Pablo Saenz *

Study of processes and materials for MEMS integration with cryogenic devices

Faustin Carter *

Development Of Tantalum Based Superconducting Tunnel Junction Detectors For X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Francisco Ponce *

Optimization Of Alpha Tantalum Phase Formation In Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-Ray Detectors

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Updated 04 September 2012