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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation
under Grant No. PHY-0071420 and currently supported by a NASA Small Business
Technology Transfer (STTR) program under subcontract to
Atlas Scientific (Contract No: NNG06LA44C).

Mission Statement
CEG Personnel and Collaborators
Thin Film Laboratory
Cryogenic Device Test Facility
M.S. Thesis Abstracts
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Link to EDN Network's article about Dr. Daniel Chow, winner of
EDN's Test Engineer of the Year award, presented at DesignCon 2014.

Poster presented by Faustin Carter:
"Development of STJ X-Ray Detectors for Synchrotron Science"
Low Temperature Detectors Conference - Stanford
LTD-13 - 2009.

Photographs taken of CEG personnel and visitors at LTD-13, near the poster presented by Faustin Carter.

Recent CEG Developments - STJ Fabrication.

Recent CEG Developments - Research Program & Educational Mission.

A series of articles about "Careers for Physicists" appears in the April 2001 issue of Physics Today.

Link to Physics and Astronomy Amateur Radio Club Site.